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The 2020 European Championships Provisional Calendar

Four rounds for the Enduro European Championship.
The season starts in Italy  and keeps on with the second round in Hungary, back to the championship after  many years.
Then is the time for Poland and finally for Czech  Republic.

4th-5th April 2020 – Castel di Tora, Italy
16th-17th May 2020 – Ber, Hungary
27th-28th June 2020 – Kielce,  Poland
8th-9th August 2020 – Plasy, Czech Republic

Double victory for Kytönen

The only 19-year-old junior Rony Kytönen from Finland won the third round of
the European Enduro Championship in Madona, Latvia, on the second day with
another day's victory in the class and the overall ranking and not only the
overall victory over both days, but he also extended his lead in the junior
class „E1“. For the young rider this is the first overall victory in the
European Championship. "This gives me a lot of self-confidence," said the
Husavarna rider, whose father Vesa, a former enduro world champion (1999),
had accompanied him on this trip.
Second became Albin Elowson, only 18 seconds behind. But the Swede knows
that he was ill just before the competition and had to take antibiotics,
which is why he was physically behind. "But the more I ride, the better." He
was also reconciled with the fact, that he naturally won the big four-stroke
class and, despite his retirement in Slovakia, slipped back to second place
in this championship. "And I had a small crash on the very last special
stage, which certainly cost me ten seconds.
The international competition again took place in the two-stroke driver
classes: In the small-capacity category, Maurizio Micheluz from Italy won
and in the large-capacity category, Dennis Schröter from Germany won.
In the senior category, defending champion Sebastian Krywult from Poland was
able to win the second day one despite his knee injury and extend his lead.
The British rider Nive Holmes did not manage the trick: After her right
shoulder was dislocated on the first day when she came into contact with a
tree, she could only ride the second day in pain. Nevertheless, she finished
third, but lost the championship lead to Hanna Berzelius from Sweden.
The upcoming final, in early September in Finland, will certainly be
exciting: Kytönen has shown that he can beat the still overall leader
Kristof Kouble and in Finland he would also have a home advantage.
Juniors fight to the end

At the third round of the European Enduro Championship in Latvia the juniors
fought for the overall victory until the last special-test on the first
competition-day: Up to this tim the Finn Roni Kytönen was still back:
"Things didn't go so well in the very first test, but I almost caught up
until the end - I knew that I simply had to risk everything.“ - The
Husqvarna rider did as he said and even managed to take seven seconds off
championship leader Kristof Kouble. So finaly the Finn finally won the day.
"In the end, Roni was simply faster than me," Kouble admitted without  envy,
but he still keeps his lead in the championship for a long time. Of  course,
both riders also won their respective cubic capacity classes at the  same
time: Kytönen the Junior class E1, and Kouble on the KTM the Junior  class of
the more powerful E2 and E3 machines - ahead of the Brit Jed  Etchells.
The next Finn, Eemil Pohjola, took third place in the overall  standings, but
he was also able to win the big four-stroke class ahead of  Albin Elowson
from Sweden.
Directly behind these two riders, the  Swede Max Ahlin rode his brand new
125cc Husqvarna to fifth place in the  overall standings and once again
clinched a victory in the class of the  youngest riders with the small 125cc
motorcycles. Ahlin had just switched  from KTM to Husqvarna the week before.
It also became highly  international in the two-stroke class: Maurizio
Micheluz, an Italian, won  the small-capacity category and Dennis Schröter, a
German, won the  large-capacity category.
A total of seven different nations were  represented in the top 14 of the
overall standings!

The  organizer in Madona had proved its worth on this first day of riding: No
problems at all on the track or in the special stages, so that the second
day will be done according to the same schedule as this first day.
The award ceremony is scheduled for Sunday at 16:30 at the  central square
Third round in    Latvia
The European Enduro    Championship will move to Latvia for the third round of the four competitions:    the paddock and the administration will be located in the middle of Madona on    the coming weekend of 29th and 30th of July 2019.
On Saturday and Sunday, the    100 riders from 14 nations will be sent out for the three laps from 8:00 a.m.    onwards. There are around 180 km to be ridden daily and two different special    stages to be completed in each lap. The Enduro test and the Crosstelst are not    far apart, so that it will be easy for spectators and teams to follow the    competition.
It won't be that easy for    the riders, because in Madona regular international competitions, from the    Enduro Sprint to the Baltic Enduro Cup, have been taking place for several    years now. So that there is a lot of experience with challenging course    management, but also with the organization of such events.
To set the mood for this    international competition, an official opening ceremony will take place on    Friday evening at 6:30 pm.
The Czech rider Kristof    Kouble turned out to be the favourite. Behind him are Albin Elowson from    Sweden and Roni Kytönen from Finland, who even won his junior class in the    World Championship two weeks ago. This will provide excitement, as the top    drivers in the championship and in the individual classes will of course all    be at the starting line..
Overall-win to Kristof Kouble  in Brezno / Slovakia
The Czech Kristof Kouble  surprisingly won the second day of the second round of this year's European  Enduro Championship in Brezno, Slovakia: The previous day's winner, Albin  Elowson, have had led more than half the time, but a gearbox damage on his  motorcycle caused the Swede to check out prematurely. Shortly before, his  compatriot Mikael Persson, yesterday's third overall, had retired after a crash  with electrical problems.
The only 19-year-old junior  Rony Kytönen from Finland was able to finish second in the overall standings  ahead of the Brits Jed Etcheles. In this order was the overall standings over  the two days and Kouble continues the championship-lead in the overall class.  
Both top-riders also won their  cubic capacity class: Kouble the junior class 2/3, Kytönen the junior class 1.  Etcheles starts as a junior with Kouble in the same class and therefore became  second there.
The only Italian at the start  was the former European Champion Maurizio Micheluz, who won the 250cc two-stroke  class and finished fourth in the overall standings on day two. Directly behind  him in fifth place was the only 17-year-old Max Ahlin, who finished fifth in the  overall standings in the 125cc Youth Cup.
In the women's class, Audrey  Rossat, the former European Champion of 2014, won: The French rider benefited  from her great experience on the demanding course and ended the day with the  least penalty minutes - all other women, if they ever reached the finish line,  had also been late on the course.
Because of the bad weather  with heavy rain, the organiser had defused parts of the track and the special  stages. That was a good thing, because it was still difficult enough - in the  end only 70 of the 107 participants who originally started on the first day  crossed the finish line.
Albin Elowson wins first day in Brezno / Slovakia
The Swede Albin Elowson won the first day of the second round of this year's European Enduro Championship in Brezno / Slovakia, in the overall standings: The Husqvarna rider gradually managed to get ahead of championship leader Kristof Kouble, who in the end added up to over half a minute.
Both riders also won their cubic capacity class, Elowson the four-stroke 250cc class and Kouble the junior 2-3 class.
The junior class 1, with the smaller cubic capacity motorcycles, was won by the Finn Roni Kytönen, who had to overtake some slower riders on the track in front of him, otherwise he might have been even better than his fourth place in the overall standings.
How demanding the track and the special stages were is most evident in the women's class: there the English rider Nieve Holmes won - although she got an additional penalty minute on the track: "I was in time at the time control in time, but I still had to refuel," said the Sherco rider, who switched from motocross to enduro only two years ago. "I drove more cautiously and looked more closely so that I wouldn't make any mistakes in the tests," she revealed her secret recipe. That worked because the demanding specials offered many opportunities for mistakes.
The women also had to fight hard on the track, just three of the 13 female riders remained without penalty points.
But because bad weather is predicted for the second day, the organiser has installed some defusing measures on the stage as well as in enduro and extreme tests.
Second round in  Slovakia
The European Enduro  Championship changes to the second round of the four competitions into Slovakia,  next weekend on 18th and 19th of May 2019: The former  mining town also has a tradition in Enduro sport. For a long time, the "Sports  Training Centre for Offroad Motorcycles" was one of the largest clubs in  Slovakia. Numerous competitions took place here, an just last year on round to  the Slovak and Czech Championships.
The riders and teams of the  European Championship move to the historical market square in the middle of the  city, where the paddock and the administration centre are  located.
On Saturday and Sunday the  more than 100 riders from 13 nations will be sent out for the three laps from  9:00 a.m. onwards. There are around 180 km to be driven daily and three  different special stages to be completed in each lap.  
The award ceremony will take  place on Sunday from 17:00.
To set the mood for this  international event, an official opening ceremony will take place on Friday  evening at 6 p.m. - together with cultural performances and fireworks at the  end.
Czech rider Kristof Kouble  turned out to be the favourite at the season opener. Behind him are Albin  Elowson from Sweden and Eemil Pohjola from Finland with equal  championship-points. But in his Slovak home Thomas Hostinsky should certainly  not be underestimated: The Husqvarna rider is already leading his class in the  championship classification, the two-strokes up to 250 cc.
Double for Kouble in Portugal

Krystof Kouble from the Czech  Republic also won the second day at the start of the European Enduro  Championship in Gois, Portugal.
Thus, the KTM rider takes the lead in the  overall classification for the first time.
The only 21-year-old  motorcyclist naturally also won the junior class E2/3 in which he takes  part.

The Swede Albin Elowson not only won the cubic capacity class of  the big four-strokes, but also took second place in the overall standings  with his
Husqvarna. The Finn Eemil Pohjola, who had been ahead of Elowson  the day before, lost some time after a crash, when he had to ride two  special stages without clutch.

The Swede Max Ahlin won the youngest  of the participants, the 125cc riders up to the age of 21, as he did on day  one: The 17-year-old Sherco rider
finished sixth in the overall standings,  just behind 125cc last year's winner Roni Kytönen from Finland, who this  season moved up to the junior class with the big bikes.
But also in the  class no herb seems to have grown against the Husqvarna rider, because in  the junior class E1 he also won both daily classifications superior.  
The Finn Petri Pohiamo, who has been successful in the Enduro World  Championship in the past, won his first seniors' race among seniors who are  
over 40 years old. On the first day he had to give up prematurely due to  technical problems, so he is still a bit behind in the championship.

Even though there was less rain in Portugal on that day, the  track was much more difficult than the day before - the ruts were too deep  and cost
additional power. So again there were numerous retirements, even  though some riders with technical problems or physical injuries just managed  to make it
to the finish. Almost a quarter of the participants dropped out  and a further quarter of the participants collected time penalty points due  to delays at the checkpoints.

The Góis Moto Clube has done an  excellent job as the organiser on site to organise the competition under  these difficult conditions in an excellent and trouble-free way.
Metzelerfahrer gewinnen den Auftakt in der European Enduro Championship in Portugal-Gois
Krystof Kouble
1. Tag

Junior U21
1. Platz
Max Ahlin
Junior 1
Roni Kytonen
Junior 2/3
Krystof Kouble
250 2T
Maurizio Micheluz
Over 250 2T
Jiri Hadek
250 4T
Patrik Markvart
Over 250 4T
Eemil Pohjola
Janne Mukkala
Zuzana Novackova
Krystof Kouble
Junior Kouble wins the first day
The only 21-year-old Krystof Kouble from the Czech Republic won the first day at the start of the European Enduro Championship in Gois, Portugal.
From the first stage on, the KTM rider took the lead and extended this lead to 22 seconds until the end. After a slip-up in the enduro test his lead had shrunk a little, but overall all participants had to struggle more with the weather conditions than with the competition. Heavy rain and hailstorms had made the track muddy and slippery and had led the organizers to some detours.
The second of the day, the Finn Eemil Pohjamo: took on more than 4,000 km of the journey: The TM-pilot on the 300 two-stroke fought his way up to second place after the first lap and didn't give up after a crash in the crosstest. The third rider of the day, the Swede Albin Elowson, had no chance to get close.
Fourth place went to an even younger rider: The Swede Max Ahlin with the small 125cc machine also won the biggest class in this European Championship season opener.
The Czech rider Zuzana Novackova won the women's race: Not because she was the fastest in the special stages, but because she had collected the fewest penalty minutes on the demanding track: In the end she had a lead of over eight minutes over Hanna Berzelius from Sweden, who is so much faster in the special stages.
All in all, at the end only 13% of the riders quit the competition bevore the end.

The European enduro-season 2019
In order for the active drivers, teams and fans to be able to prepare for the new season, the dates for the European Enduro Championship will now been announced.

Calendar 2019

6th / 7th of April            Gois / Portugal (

18th / 19th of May             Brezno / Slovakia (

29th / 30th of Juni          Madona / Latvia (

6th / 8th of September      Heinola / Finland      (

Infos from the finals are updated now

We updated the resultes and standings from the finals.

We are so sorry for the delay

The finals of the European Enduro Championchip went by and you didn´t found any infos here. We are a small team and because of the illness from the webmaster there was no way to get the infos to the page.
For this matter, we want to say sorry.
You can now find all informations about the three days from the final in Kielce submitted here.
Italy allover
With an overall victory in the final cross, the Italian Alessandro Battig also won the overall championship of all riders at the final of the European Enduro Championship in Kielce, Poland, after his title in the cubic capacity class.
This only was not enough für the Kawasaki pilot, riding für the Italian E50 racing-team, he also won the European title together with the Italian national team!
Alessandro Battig hadn't even expected to go for the whole championship at the beginning of the season - he only took part in the opening event because it started in his home country Italy. Afterwards his team convinced him to contest for the complete series.
So the Italian anthem sounded even more often at the evening award ceremony.
But for the host Poland, 42-year-old Sebastian Krywult won his second championship title in the senior class.
In the women's singles it was KTM rider Sanna Kärkkäinen from Finland who won her second European Championship title in the class after 2015. She won all heats, exept the last day in the final cross. There she had to let the Sherco-rider Nieve Holmes from England take the victory in front of her on the last day.
Kärkkäinen's compatriot Roni Kytönen was able to secure the title with a triple win in Poland for the juniors under 21 years of age, after the leader of the class, the Italian Claudio Spanu, had already dropped out on the first day due to a technical defect.
The two junior classes E1 and the cubic capacity class E2/E3 were kidnapped to France: The small class was won by Thomas Dubost, who rides in the same KTM team as his friend Hugo Blanjoue. Blanjoue was unlucky in the final, when he got stuck at the start and had to fight his way up from last place. As a result, he lost so much time that he could not win the overall standings of all riders.
At the same time as the final, the national competition was also held: the club teams was won by Sweden, as well as the women's teams.
In the juniors, France dominated (with the two European champions) and the team championship went to Italy for the sixth time.
Championship for Micheluz, Montanari and Senior Krywult
On the second day of the three-day finale of the European Enduro Championship in Kielce, Poland, further drivers were able to secure the title.
The Italian Maurizio Micheluz won the two-strokes up to 250 cc with another day's victory, so far unbeaten the championship. But it is not the first title for the Husavarna rider, who has often been at the top of the podium in recent years.
However, Tommaso Montanari won his first European Championship title in the four-stroke class up to 250 cc: The Italian was beaten by local hero Giezma Maciej in the daily classification, but in the championship the KTM rider stayed ahead of his rival Jonathan Rosse from Switzerland.
The Pole Sebastian Krywult is an old hand in two senses: After 2016, the KTM rider again won the senior class for riders aged 40 and over.

On the last day of this final event there will be a final motocross over seven laps each. It is still about the titles in the overall standings, the three junior-classes and in the womens-class.
In addition, there will be a nation classification with national teams at the finals, where Italy still leads ahead of England and Germany.
Alessandro Battig is already champion
Kawasaki rider Alessandro Battig from Italy won the title in his class on the first day of the European Enduro Championship final in Kielce, Poland!
With a further day victory in the class of the four-stroke machines over 250 ccm, he was able to extend his lead unassailably.
In the remaining two days of competition he will concentrate on winning the title in the overall standings in addition. There, too, the Italian is in the lead of the European Championship and with his second place in the overall standings today, Friday, he has come a little closer to this goal. Although he was beaten on this day by his compatriot, the junior Lorenzo Macoritto, he was able to leave his direct rivals in the championship behind, as the Frenchman Hugo Blanjoue only finished third.
In fact, the nightly rain had bound the dust on the dry meadows and fields somewhat, so that this did not become a visual obstacle. But it was still dry and the two special stages were driven accordingly fast, so that for the best riders the times in the eight tests added up to almost exactly one hour special stage time.

Also Battig's compatriots Maurizio Micheluz and Tommaso Montanari can become premature champions in their cubic capacity class the next day, on Saturday: Micheluz had won the day in the two-stroke class up to 250 cc and extended his lead to a respectable 29 points. With a fifth place he would have secured the title.
Montanari in the four-stroke class up to 250 cc has a similar situation: With his victory on the day, he increased his lead to 23 points and can also celebrate his early title win with a second place on Saturday.
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