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Halftime without the host France

It is halftime after this second day at the Enduro-European-Championship in Brioude. But in the championship-standings you will not find the host France as on the podiums of the day!
The overall was won by the French rider Antoine Basset on his KTM in front of the Brit Brad Freeman. 
Freeman was leading in the overall up to the last special-test:
“I hit a tree with my sholder and crashed,” apologized the junior, who still won his Junior-E1-class and keept the overall lead in the championship.

However, this time it was less Juniors at the top of the overall: Freeman was the only one up to sixth place with his classmate Nicolas Pellegrinelle.
Place three in the overall was Czech Jaromir Romancik ahad of reigning champion Tom Sagar and Romain Dumontier, which is already the classification of E2-class.
Guest starter Jeremy Carpentier from France won the E1-class. The last years Junior-champion was in front of Swiss Jonathan Rosse and Romain Boucardey from France.
With Quentin Delhaye de Maulde, Anthony Geslin and David Abgall the French rider had their one podium in the Junior-E1-class. And along with Theo Bolley and Jeremy Miroir position 4 to 5 also. But Patrick Markvart from Czech Republik stays in lead oft he championship.
Brit rider Jane Daniels took her fourth victory in a row in the women-class. She need not be afraid about her competitors, winning again with some more minutes differenz!
It was an early out at the veterans for Werner Müller: The reigning champion could not start the bike in the morning and could not repair either. So the Austrian had to give way for Sebastian Krywolt from Poland, who took the lead in the championship.


Viva la France
E3-Winner: Vissac(3)_Micheluz(2)_Basset(1)
At the second round of the Enduro European-Championship, France showed his best side: With summer-temperatures of nearly 20 degrees with best sunny weather, it was for the spectators even better than for the riders, which had to fight hard to stay in the times.
Without overall-winner Brad Freeman from England it could have been a French championship: Not only this many riders have been competing – they have been victorious too. In the top 10 already six riders from France took place!
Antoine Basset and Anthony Geslin took place two and three in the overall, right in front of their fellow countryman Quentin Delhaye de Maulde and David Abgrall.
The reigning Champion Tom Sagar from England behind, he had to fight back to first place in his E2-class after several crashes.
Exept Basset, who won the E3-class with his KTM, more and more juniors at the top: Freeman, well known as Junior E2/E3 after winning the first round, the three French rider all from the Junior E1-class!
French supremacy in the E1-class too: Romain Boucardey wonn the class ahead of his fellow countryman Jeremy Carpentier (reigning champion in the juniors E2/3). Behind the riders from France the Swiss Jonathan Rosse.
In the women-class still Jane Daniels ist the one to beat: The Brit is ahad for some minutes with her Husqvarna.
At the Veterans the reigning champion Werner Müller from Austria had a big fight with the Sebastian Krywolt from Poland. Each special-test an other won and they switched the lead, until Müller crashed hard and was beaten.
Podium Ceremony Junior E1
Podium Ceremony

Easter-Enduro and summertime in Brioude / France

Since the sixdays in the year 1980 Brioude is well known as an enduro-organizer all over the world. At the European-championship at the coming easter-weekend the challenging course will be three laps with each 80 km and three test each lap. 

Test 1 will be a typical cross-test with a lot of grastracks in Civeyrat, only 7 km west from Brioude.

Test 2 is the extrem-test in Verneuges and about 23 km southwest from the paddock. Lots of rocks and a big jump will challenge the riders.

Test 3 ist the enduro-test in Brenat, about 12 km southwest from Broiude. Racing complete through the wood, enriched with a lot of stones and roots everywhere.

The spectators will find five more interesting points (look attachment Plan-Europe-2 pdf)For the second day at the same track you have to care for the time, because on Sunday morning France is switching into the “daylight saving time”. The opening ceremony with riders parade will take place already at Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m.
In this second round of the European Enduro Championship (EEC) we will find out, if the young riders will stay in front. Can the Juniors Brad Freemann from England and Nocolas Pellegrinelli from Italy let the experienced riders behind? Reigning overall champion Tom Sagar wants to strike back and ex-champion Maurizio Micheluz is not far away.


Juniors on the top
The track and the special-test have not only been reversed, but they where most used and bumpy after the first day. That is one of the reasons, why the winner of the first day, the Italian Nicolas Pellegrinelli, did not succeed the second time. “An other rider was stucking right in front of me in the special-test and it took me a lot of time to pass at that narrow track. But the most time I lost because I’m not used my new bike in this rough conditions.”

So the second Junior took the lead: Brad Freeman won the very first cross-test and from this point he could manage his lead. 
Pellegrinelli tried to come closer, but at the end he lost with 45 seconds.

The reigning champion Tom Sagar from England improved not only in the overall with a third place. With a little help from the first day winner Romain Dumontier he managed to win himself. Dumontier crashed and broke one finger and could not fight as hard as before.

Maurizio Micheluz did not only win his class again, he also took the fourth place in the overall. While everybody in the E3 class uses light 2-stroke-maschines, the Italian win with the heave 4-stroke!

The E1-class was won by the Italian Guido Conforti again in front of the German Andi Beier and the Swiss Jonathan Rosse like the day before.

In the E2-class the reigning champion Tom Sagar took the victory in front of the German Marco Neubert and the Brit Jamie Lewis.

Same procedure as last time: The Italian Maurizio Micheluz won in his new E3-class ahead of his compatriot Nicoli Mori and Rannar Uusna from Estonia.

In the Women-class again won the british rider Jane Daniels: The Husqvarna-rider took many minutes lead to all their competitors like Maria Nyqvist from Finland at second and Nina Klink from the Netherlands. The very demanding track was cut down to only two of three laps for the women.
Pricegiving - Overall - Pellegrinelli - Freeman - Micheluz
Nicolas Pellegrinelli took home-advantage

The Italian Nicolas Pellegrinelli won the Overall of the first day at the season-opener of the Enduro-European Championship (EEC) in Donoratico / Italy. Last year Pellegrinelli lost the Junior-Title after an injury at the last competition – now he is back, stronger than ever: “With the KTM 250 2-stroke I found the right bike for me,” said the 22 year old rider after the race.

Start in a new Enduro-Season
Start in a new Enduro-Season

Second in the overall was an other junior too: With the same type of bike the brit Brad Freeman took the second place after nine test and more than one hour time with only 34 seconds back.
The well known Maurizio Micheluz took the third in the overall: The Italian was already several times E1-Champion and Overall-Winner in the past. Now riding in the E3 class a double as big Husqvarna as used before.
The reigning champion Tom Sagar from England was only sixth in the season opener: “I have to get used to my new bike – I never drove a Sherco in the years before. But I will become better every competition.!” 
Despite heavy rain in the week before, the track was ridable, but the many stones and rocks made it very demanding and strenuous.
At the second day the complete track will be reversed – and all the lines and trails will fit no longer.
The orphaned E1-class was won by the Italian Guido Conforti in front of the german Andi Beier and the Swiss Jonathan Rosse.
In the E2-class the French Romain Dumontier took the victory in front of the reigning champion Tom Sagar and the German Marco Neubert.
The Italian Maurizio Micheluz won in his new E3-class ahead of his compatriot Nicoli Mori and Rannar Uusna from Estonia.
Veteran Werner Müller from Austria rode since year 2000 the first time a 2-stroke to the victory – I was the 70th time he won a day in his respective class in all the years of riding the european championship.
European Season starts with 193 international riders in Tuskana


It is the season-opener of the Enduro European Championship (EEC) in the Tuscany: Motoclub “Costa Etrusca” starts on Saturday and Sunday, 12th and 13th of March, each day at 8:00 a.m. nearly 200 international riders to the first round of the championship.
You will find the Paddock directly at the mainroad “Via Vecchia Aurelia” at the highway-exit “Donoratico”.
The presentation and opening ceremony will take place at “Cavallini Matto”, the fun-park only a few hundred meters from the paddock.
The demanding and stony track will be about 55 km and has to be passed three times with three special-tests each lap.
To the long and fast cross-test on the grass it is only 600 meter from the paddock
The extrem-test will take place on natural ground at the edge of the wood, just 3 km by car.

About 9 km far away there is the various enduro-test: Through the woods there are steep up- and downhills, sharp turns around the trees and a lot of roots in the ground on the fight against the clock!

But in Donoratico you not will find only the sport: You will see the Tuscany from one of her best sides, with the mediteranian see on one hand, and the hills with the vineyards on the other. Including the special italien food and the pinewoods along the streets in the light of sunset.

For the next saison we wich all drivers success and all interest parties exciting races!

European Enduro Championship kicking off in Italy

Only some weeks left to the kick off the European Enduro Championship (EEC) in Donoratico,  Italy.
For 2016 there are four different, new and well known venues for the upcoming competitions. Moto Club Costa Etrusca is organizing on 12th and 13th of March in Donoratico / Italy (south of Pisa) the first round.
Only a fortnight later, on 26th and 27th of March is the next highlight at a prominent place: in Brioude / France with the organization of the Motoclub Brioude the second round of the EEC will be hel. Since the Six Days enduro fans all over the world know the place very well.
In the mid of summer, at 30th and 31st of July there will be the next step in an also well known place: Ogre, Latvia which was already one of the areas where the EEC was held not so long time ago.
New entry for Harfsen, in the Netherlands, which will host the European Championship on 28/29th October Holland. In addition, the competition will be held on Friday and Saturday.
Defending champion Tom Sagar, winner in the overall, switched his bike: in the upcoming season he will ride a Sherco 450 in the E2 class.

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