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Day 2 - Double for Battig
At the second day oft he first round of the FIM European Enduro-Championship in Fabriano / Italy the lokal hero Alessandro Battig took the overal-victory as he did the first day:
Again his countryman Maurizio Micheluz was a little time the fastest, but then, this Husqvarna-rider made himself some mistakes in the following enduro-test and finished only fourth behind his team-member Matteo Pavoni, the reinging overal-champion, in the end of the day.
Second behind the winner Battig became a new young gun: Lorenzo Macoritto, starting in the juniors-class „E2/E3“ with the big Husqvarna 2-stroke-bike.
Best „non-italian“ was the french Hugo Blanjoue on fifth position. The Junior was on second position in his class behind Macoritto.
In the seniors-class the polish rider Sebastian Krywult on the KTM won both days and is now leading in the championship.
In the women-class the former champion Sanna Kärkkainen from Finland ist back. She won the second day too, while the Dutch Nina Klink got used to her 4-stroke-bike and became second. All the years Klink was racing with 2-stroke-bikes and this was her first competition with her news 350cc 4-stroke-KTM.
At the youngest Juniors the only 18 year old Claudio Spanu took the win both days: As Macoritto he is supportet from the italian federatione FMI.

Day 1 - Italy first…
The new season of the European Championship started right this Saturday, the 14th of April 2018, in Fabriano / Italy (200 km north of Rome).
And the first winner in this competition has been an Italian rider too!
It was a continuation of the italian championship – last years overall champion Matteo Pavoni was fighting against his countrymen Maurizio Micheluz and Alessandro Battig.
In the beginning not so strong, Pavoni increased in the last five from twelve specialtests – but Micheluz and Battig has been to far away, he could not reach.
Battig was riding this year a 450cc Kawasaki instead of the smaler 250cc from last seasons: This helped him to win the overall at this first day in Fabriano and the first day of this seasons championship.
Micheluz became second overall and won the new 250-2-Stroke class, while the former Junior Pavoni was third overall and won the over 250 cc 2-stroke class.
Fourth position in the overall was to an Italian too: with this Lorenzo Macoritto did winn the junior-class with the big bikes over 250 cc.
Best „not italian rider“ was the Czech Krystof Kouble, who finished last season second in his class. Now the Junior did fifth position in the overall and again second in the class, behind Macoritto…
While the man had to do four laps with each 65 km, the women had to ride only three: Former (2015) Champion of women-class, Sanna Kärkkäinen from Finland, won at the least. „But it was quite hard sometimes: I have had to overtake so many riders, because I was starting so late,“ she commented in the evening. But next competition she will have a better starting-position, because of her championship-points.

Ab big number of scandinavian rider had been coming to the kick of the championship. But most oft hem had no chance for training at home, with still ice and snow from Finland over Sweden to Norway.

For the second day, the Sunday, the jury cut the distance for all riders to 3 laps, because of the weather forecast.

Livetiming in Fabriano
This weekend (14th and 15th of April 2018) the FIM Europe Enduro-Championship is going to start in Fabriano / Italy.
With more than 25 riders in the „under 21 year“-class the European Championship proves once again as a real start for young talents.

The link for Liftiming is online now!

Report of the clerk of the course
27 March 2018
The Clerk of the Course repots about the event:

1. Total length of one lap KM 60,00 from wich:
2. KM 10,000 from start CROSS TEST (Fabriano – Agritourism “La Ginestra”) lenght 4,8 km
3. KM 16,00 from start ENDURO SPECIAL TEST (Attiggio – Le Caselle) lenght 5,2 km
4. KM 26,000 from start TC2 (Attiggio)
5. about Km 37,00 from start ROUTE CHECK/transit inspect
6. KM 52,000 from start EXTREME TEST (Fabriano – Loc Santa Maria) lenght 2.5 km
7. KM 53,00 from start TC1 PADDOCK (Fabriano - Palaguerrieri)

DAY 1 – Start at 9.00 – LAPS: 3
DAY 2 – Start at 9.00 – LAPS: 3

START/TC1 to TC2 TIME … mins 26,0 km
TC2 to TC1/START TIME … mins 34,3 km
TOTAL TIME (A) DAY 1 – … h + … mins pre-finish – tot. ….h
TOTAL TIME (A) DAY 2 (no prefinish) … h
In case of bad weather condition, there will some cutting. Time remain the same.


There will be a total of 3 Special Test per lap, in the following order:
Cross Test         DAY 1 n. 3     DAY 2 n. 3
Enduro Test       DAY 1 n. 3     DAY 2 n. 3
Extreme Test      DAY 1 n. 3     DAY 2 n. 3

The Cross and Enduro Test have been marked with different colours of tape.

There will be a total of 2 Time checks with service and refuelling per lap.
N. 1 Route checks/ transit inspect along the course will be set.
Also one Pre Finish will be organized at the end of Day 1. It will be situated just before the entrance of the paddock (Fabriano - Palaguerrieri).

Nearest hospital: FABRIANO – “ E. PROFILI” – 3 KM from the paddock
In accordance with the report of Chief Medical Steward.

The Paddock Area will be situated at Palaguerrieri (Fabriano), besides the services in this area there will be
preliminary operation and park fermé.


FICR Time Keeping team, 2 separate timekeeping system: transponders and fotocell.

Signs have been posted from the Paddock to the start and finish of all Special Tests and also to the TC

Parc Fermè will be situated inside the paddock area.
Access to Parc Fermè will be made trough the gate that will be opened facing the Technical Control.
Exit of the PF will be made trough one gate, opening facing TC 1/Start.
Parc Fermè will be supervised according FIME Rulebook.

Located next to the Paddock (follow signs) 0,800 km from the paddock

Located just 200 mt near the headquarters of “Palaguerrieri”.

Located in the headquarters, inside the Paddock – Palaguerrieri.

Together with the Fim Europe Enduro Championship will be also one REGIONAL (for Italian only) event.

The Clerk of the Course
Romoli Roberto
Ready, steady, go …
The next season of Enduro riders in the European Championship starts on 14th /15th of April 2018 in Fabriano, Italy (200 km north of Rome). As in all the years, there are a total of four different competitions all over Europe.
This year, the classification has received a revision: For the riders, there are now four different displacement classes, divided into two-stroke and four-stroke engines.
There is the class up to 250 cc two-stroke and over 250 cc two-stroke.
Analogously, the four-strokes were also divided into: up to 250 cc four-stroke and over 250 cc four-stroke is the new classification.
In the 125-class for the youngest riders, the age has been increased to 21 years. In the normal junior-classes, which are up to 23 years, the two engine capacity classes as last year.
Remained are the "seniors" and "ladies". Completely new is the electric bike class: Here one does not (yet) fight for a title in the European Championship, but the FIM Europe would like to keep the door open for upcoming developments. The number of special stages, the route and the length is completely up to the organizer.

The riders have no choice in the protective clothing: As internationally appointed, a back protector and chest protection is required: this must also comply with the test numbers EN1621-2 or EN 1621-3.

The starting signal for the new season will be on April 14th 2018: Then there will be three laps over sixty kilometers through the grounds and with three different special-tests every lap.
Last year overall champion, the italian KTM-rider Matteo Pavoni will be there to defend his title: Last year still riding in the junior class with the small displacement, the Italian is on the KTM in the class E2 / E3 with the big displacement in Fabriano. He is the big favorite this weekend.

With 18 registered women, the ladies' class is more represented than ever!
Matteo Pavoni

The Supplementary regulations for Romania / Bacau are now online

The Supplementary regulations and the provisional entry list

for Italy / Fabriano are now online

A new year, a new challange can begin
Here are the locations and dates, where the competitions for 2018 will take place:

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