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The Final in Rüdersdorf - Day 2

New Champion Overall: Tom Sagar

Big winner became the Brit Tom Sagar, already won the championship of E2-class at the first day: With an other time being the fastest rider on the tests of the second day, he also took the title in Overall-class. 
And the third time he had to step up the podium, when the british Trophy took the third place in the team-championship.
In the E3-class still the title was waiting – and a second place behind Rony Nikander was enough for the Swede Martin Sundin on his Husqvarna to win the championship. 

Sundin was still three positions in front of his rival Radek Toman.
In the three junior-classes the first title was given by an other rider stopping the race: Patrick Markvart, who took the lead in the Junior-E1-classafter the first day, when Pellegrinelli, because of his injury, could not finish. But he himself had to quit, when an electric defect at his bike was not to be repared. Thus the French David Abgall took the title, after he came third, with 20 points backlog, to that final competition!

In the junior-E2/E3-class it was a clear victory from Jeremy Carpentier: The Honda-rider from France got the title with a second win in two days.

In the youngest class, the juniors under 20 years, a 4th place was enough for Mirko Spandere from Italy to take the title. Even the win of his fellow contryman Matteo Pavoni could change the result.

At the final competition of the Europe Enduro Championship the Nations start against each other:

Host Germany was successfully winning the trophy in front of Italy and England.

The Junior-Trophy was won by France in front of England and Italy.
The Final in Rüdersdorf - Day 1

The external conditions for the first day of the Enduro-European-Championship in Rüdersdorf (east of Berlin) have been perfect: The weather was not too warm and after the sun came out it became dry with a lot of grip.
The three laps with more than 60 km contented each three special-tests which add up to more than 1 hour test-time!

The first championship was decided in the morning, when the Yamaha of E1-Pilot Jonathan Rosse from Switzerland got an electric defect in the very first test. Rosse could not finish an gave the way to Maurizio Micheluz from Italy to defend his title in the E1-Class. Even if the local Edward Hübner as a guest took the daily win in front of the Husqvarna-Rider Micheluz.

Even in the E2-Class we got an champion: The Brit Tom Sagar not only won the E2-Class, but the Overall as well. With this result the KTM-rider defended his title in the class and battled the Overall-title too!

In the E3-Class the Swede Martin Sundin did not reach for the title: To many mistakes throw him to fourth place in the day. But his rivale Toman Radek was even more worse that they still battle for the title.

But Veteran Werner Müller from Austria already took his ninth (!) title before the last day! The KTM-rider was unbeaten the whole season.

No early decicion was made in the three junior-classes:

In the junior-E1-class the leading Nicolas Pellegrinelle was injured and had to quit. The day was won by David Abrall from France, who now is second in the championship, only three points behind the leading Patrick Markvart.

In the class of the youngest riders, the under-20-class the victory of Mirko Spandere from Italy serve him a lots of points, but not yet the championship.

Same with Jeremy Carpentier in the Junior-E2/E3-class: The French even was third in the overall, won the class, but for the title he needs still another fife points.
The Final in Rüdersdorf - Fight in the night

More than 130 riders from the Enduro European Championship took the start on Friday evening to the prologue of the final competition in the german city of Rüdersdorf (east of capital Berlin).

Inside the industrial museum was hosted the parc ferme inside the historical buildings und the track of the Test was along the Buelow ship canal

It became dark very early and as one of the first riders the veteran Werner Müller from Austria hold the fastest time for more than one hour.

On the tough parcoure the old champion got no problems, but the respect of the big crowd watching this test.

At the end was the Brit Tom Sagar the very fastes of all the riders with a lead of 3,6 seconds to Jaromir Romancic from Czech Republik and the French Rudy Cotton.

But this one test was only the prelude to two days of enduro with more than 7 ½ hour of riding the offroad-bikes day by day.

The EEC-final in Rüdersdorf/Germany

The final of the Enduro Championship will be held from October 30th to November 1st, 2015 in the German Rüdersdorf (in the east of Berlin).
The start is on Friday evening with a prologue on site. From 17:00 clock, the participants of the European Championship will compete there in pairs against each other.

The track for the two days ist three rounds over 62 km l with three different special stages. One of them is right on the paddock.
Start is Saturday at 8:00 clock and on Sunday from 7:30 clock already.
Main focus is the fight for the title in the Overall standings: 
Fastest rider of all classes is yet the Brit Tom Sagar.

But the defending champion Maurizio Micheluz was posted due to an injury in the last race and is now fit again.

We should not forget some German riders who will also be at the start and, of course, can calculate home-field advantage in the daily classification.

Her title in the Women's class ist fixed for the Finnish Sanna Kärkkäinen, but the KTM rider will still be in Germany at the start. d
In addition to the usual displacement classes also a national team-ranking is extended this weekend.

The paddock, as well as start and finish, is located in the historic Museum Park Rüdersdorf where in earlier times limestone was extracted to build houses.

New Dates for the EEC 2016 are written!

Here are the updated dates for the Enduro European Championchip 2016:

1) 12 to 13 March - Italy / Donoratico

2) 26 to 27 March - France /Brioude

3) July 30 to 31 - Latvia / Ogre

4) October 28 to 29 - Netherlands / Harfsen (Venedi and Saturday / FINAL)
Finland - Jämsä - Day 2

The second day of riding the Enduro Championship in Jämsä / Finland brought an overall victory of Tom Sagar a surprise: goods the day before but on the demanding track, the native driver has been in the advantage , the Briton was now able to turn the tables. "I had to make up for the time in the enduro tests," Sagar said then. "On the cross track it was too slippery for my 450.” 
He won at the end before Marko Tarkkala and Roni Nikander that were on the first day even before him.
Thus the KTM rider now leads not only superior in the E2 class, but also in the overall ranking of all riders, because defending champion Maurizio Micheluz was not better than the day before: "I have to concentrate on the title in the class, because I could keep my distance,” said the Italian. In his E1-class has with Jonathan Rosse now, however, a Swiss incorporated persecuting Micheluz: The Yamaha rider was able to drive up on the second day to the second place.

In the E3 class, the two Finns alternated: This time won ex-vice-champion Marko Tarkkala in front of the earlier in the season injured Roni Nikander, but Nikander wants to come to the final to Germany too.
In third place then the German Mark Risse - but because he has changed the class after the first run, he gets no championship points, which is why the Swede Martin Sundin still leads the class standings.
In the women again a victory of the Finnish Sanna Karkkainen. The KTM-pilot was able to secure the first advance their championship so already.
For the Finns a particular pleasure to be able to already celebrate a champion from their own ranks at their home race.

In the Veteran class Werner Müller from Austria committed his sixth stage victory in the sixth round - and controls so contrary to his ninth European title (!). Over a minute ahead he had from the Czech Republic before his opponent Martin Gottvald.

In the juniors Nicolas Pellegrinelli celebrated his fourth victory in a row and thus extending its lead. In the 
special stage were his Italian compatriot Matteo Rossi, who had failed on the first day due to technical problems, to second place.

In the recent junior class, the year's 20-up, local hero Joni Kaivolainen could get the victory: "I really wanted to win on both days, but I crashed too much yesterday" confessed the Finn. Second place handed Briton Lee Sealy not to displace the leader Mirko Spandere from the lead in the championship.

The two Finns Henric Stigell and Mika Tammienen picked up in the junior category with the E2 / E3 machines again days No. 1 and 2: But the Frenchman Jeremy Carpentier did not lose its lead in the championship.
Finland - Jämsä - Day 1

It was an extremely physically demanding first day at the third round of the Enduro Championship in Jämsä / Finland: in perfect weatherconditions, the over 50 km long circular course presented many rocks, roots and driveways: More than half of all riders did not arrive in the finish-line, gave up from exhaustion or timeout.
Under such difficult conditions clearly dominated the Finnish riders with guest starters Roni Nikander (KTM) (here on the left picture) and Marko Tarkkala (Beta). Only in third place in the overall standings, the British KTM-rider Tom Sagar was able to prevail against two other Finns behind him. That gave the British the lead in the European Championship, as the regering champion, Maurizio Micheluz, came only on the 18th place overall, third place in the E1 class. Micheluz is still suffering from the consequences of his injury: "I had dislocated my arm a month ago - and could not train since. In the special, I had continued to attack no strength," excused the Italian.

Sagar (picture right) took over so the lead in the overall standings and built with the simultaneous class victory and his leadership in the E2 class.
In the E3 class the victory went to the overall winner Nikander again before Tarkkala and the German Mark Risse.

The veterans of the eight-time European Champion Werner Müller seems to be once again unstoppable: While the KTM riders struggled with the track and the strength and conditioning - but the other participants fared worse.

At the end Müller had not only the fastest special stage times, but had only three penalty minutes collected on the stage, while his biggest competitor Zdenek Gottvald 13 had minutes late and the Finnish competitor Juha Puotsaari even 16 minutes! But these three drivers were the only three veterans, who crossed the finish line at the end.

In the womens-class only Finnish rider Sanna Karkkainen reached on their KTM in the goal scoring and conceding the only driver championship points, which puts her title within reach.

The Italian Junior Mirko Spandere won again the victory in the class of 125cc riders under 20 years and was also from the lokal Finn Antti Hänninen and Sweden Pontus Skog.

In the juniors of the E1 class of the Italian Nicolas Pellegrinelli won before the local hero Henry Olenius from Finland and Frenchman David Abgrall.

With today's winner Henrik Stigell and Mika Tamminen the Junior E2 / E3 class was firmly in Finnish hands. Only in third place came the French Mika Barnes a non-Scandinavian to vote.

Three rounds over 55 km each were to pass in the forests of Jämsä with each three special stages.

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