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3rd round in Germany - special actions needed for special terrain

The start- and finish-area as well as the paddock of the  event, the Parc fermé, the technical scruiteneering, the race office, the  timekeeping, the office of the stewards and the press-office are located on the  area of the "Clausewitz Kaserne" in Burg. This is a military area, so the  organizers need the identity card data from every person and the vehicle  data of every car, motorcycle, motorhome etc. which enters the area of the  "Clausewitz Kaserne". Please complete the form here in this link:

And please read carefully the below paddock rules and the  special regulations – for most of the teams / riders / guests and fans it will  become a new experience.

Special working conditions also for the journalists inside  this military aerea: They have to register like everybody else (see link above)  and have to make an accreditation with the two formulars below, which  directly have to sent to organizer at

Enduro European Championship at Paikuse (Estonia) - Day2

Today the second day of the Enduro European Championship Round 2 was held in Paikuse, Estonia and the overall victory was taken by the young Italian rider Matteo Pavoni (KTM, photo1) who also won the Junior E1 class. The weather was very favourable for enduro riding today as well – it rained slightly at night and in the morning, most of the day was cloudy and the heat did not frighten the riders. "I had a very good day today. I made no mistakes and had no technical problems", Pavoni said at the finish line. "Winning is a fantastic feeling!" The local rider from the class Senior E3 Rannar Uusna (KTM - photo2) on the other hand did not have so good a day as yesterday. He took the fifth place in his class on the second day and was 11th overall. "On the Enduro Test there was a place where I made a mark for myself that this is no place to crash – but I got stuck particularly hard just there. After two crashes in the Enduro Test I could not find the right rhythm any more," Uusna said. "I had one more crash so the day was not so good. At least yesterday I got some good points for the European Championship".
The fastest time today was by Pavoni 43:30.6. The second best result in the overall classification was by the Finnish rider Lari Jukola, who was second in the Junior E1 class and was 16 seconds slower than Pavoni. The third best time belonged to Dennis Shroeter (Germany) who also won the Senior E3 class and lost 25 seconds from the overall winner. The competition in the Senior E3 class was very close, the four fastest riders were all inside 10 seconds.
The Italian Oscar Balletti (photo3) was second today as well as yesterday, and the Finn Aleksi Jukola was third.
The length of the mostly sandy track in Paikuse was 62 km and it had two Cross Tests, one En-duro Test and 2 Time Checks. The riders, teams and the FIM Europe Jury was very pleased with the organisation of the event and the overall opinion was that European Enduro needs a variety of tracks and conditions and Paikuse was a great addition to the mix.
Enduro European Championship at Paikuse (Estonia)
Today the local rider Rannar Uusna (class Senior E3) won the opening day of the Enduro Euro-
pean Championship Round 2 in Paikuse, Estonia.
"I made one small mistake in the Enduro Test but otherwise I had a smooth day", said Uusna
who after the first round of the Championship was holding the fifth position. Before the race
Uusna set out to win in the familiar sandy conditions of his home country and he kept his pro-
mise. "I had no problems today with my bike and I rode as well as I could." Uusna's time
today was 42:25.97 and he was 3 seconds faster than the second in overall classification –
Matteo Pavoni from Italy who also won the Junior E1 class. The third in overall classification
and the winner of the Junior Under 20 class was Joakim Grelsson from Sweden – he was 9 se-
conds slower than Pavoni.
The conditions in Paikuse today were close to perfect – the weather was dry and not too hot,
about 20°C. It rained a little at night but for the morning the track had dried and the result
only depended on the technical abilites of the riders. “The day was good, I had no problems
on the track or with the bike,“ said Oscar Baletti who was satisfied with the result. He was
Uusna's biggest competitor in the Senior E3 class and took the fourth place in the overall clas-
Not everybody was happy with the track in Paikuse. "Sand is not my thing at all. I had several
crashes," the Swede Daniel Mundellwas critical about himself – he was holding the lead after

the first EC round in the Junior Under 20 class. „I'll try to do much better tomorrow", he promised. In the first day in Paikuse Mundell was 25th in the overall and in his own class third after Jan Allers.
154 riders started this morning for the European Championship round in Paikuse from 17 different countries. For the tomorrow's race 151 bikes are ready in Parc Ferme.
The second day will start at 9 AM local time (CET +2). The length of the track in Paikuse is 62 km and it has two Cross Tests, one Enduro Test and 2 Time Checks.
2nd round in Estonia

At the 8th and 9th of July 2017 the second round of the European-Enduro-Championship will take place in Paikuse / Estonia.
It will not only be the second round of this season, it will also be the second time in Paikuse ever. The organizer „MTÜ Paikuse Motoklubi“ still have a lot of experience from the year 2011, and more than 35 years in organizing enduro-competition at all.

Like the last time, the headquaters are located central at the mainroad „Paide Mantee 19“ in 86602 Paikuse.
In the flat costal region of Estonia will be total different conditions to the first race in Portugal: The riders have to pass deep sand, extended roots and viscid mud on the 60 km long loop, which will be used three times a day, whith three special-tests each round.

Even if the region is known as place for holidays, because of the beautiful location at the Baltic sea, it will certainly not relaxing for the competitors, but strenous.
With this conditions, the cards of the championship will be redistribute: specially fort the leader, Oscar Balletti. Usually the italians do not have a lot of sand to ride in their home.
Perhaps the second, Theophile Espinasse from France, can profit from his early start as a Junior, because the sandy track will not be smashed this early.

With Dennis Schröter we will welcome a special guest: The three-times overall-champion from Germany ist well known as a specialist for sand and takes the competition to prepare for the very next round: The European-Enduro-Championship in Germany will also be a round of the German championship.

All in all singned 159 riders from 17 different nations for the round in Estonia in July.

Here you can see the track in his full length:

The first provisional entry list is online

The official poster for Burg /Germany

Supplementary Regulations for Burg are online
You can find them

Sometimes rain helps
After heavy rain the conditions of the first Round of the European Enduro-Championship in Gouveia / Portugal changes over night. But the track switched into a good shape on Sunday, April 30th.
Without the dust and without the juniors advantage to find a smooth, not used track in the first lap, the Italian Oscar Balletti from the senior E3-class took the overall win in front of the reigning champion of the senior E3 class, his countryman Maurizio Micheluz.

On the third place in the overall ranking was a rider, who was still a junior at least last year. On the first day, Swede Oliver Nelson had big disadvantages through the dust. "I had to start behind, because I have had no success upto now in this class. That's why I quickly ran into the slower riders before me, but I could not overtake in the dust. "But at the next competition, on the 8th / 9th of July in Estonia, he can start from third position.
The Swede Andreas Linusson, who has had switched from the 300 2-stroke to the 250 4-stroke KTM, won the senior E1 class. He also took the lead in the championship, ahead of the Frenchman Luc Breban and the reigning champion of the class, the Italian Guido Conforti, who took second place on this second day.
With his fantastic performance in the overall ranking, Oliver Nelson also won his senior E2 class. First day winner Nicolas Pellegrinelli was fighting with several technical problems and came home only fourth place, behind the British Jamie Lewis and reigning champion Marco Neubert.
Once again won the German Arne Domeyer the veterans-class with more than a minute ahead. He took the lead in the championship ahead of the reigning champion Sebastian Krywult from Poland. Krywolt took the second place in front of the Finnish Mika Paavola.
Another clear victori was for Jessica Gardiner in the women-class. There was no chance for the Swede Hanna Berzelius and the Finnina Marita Nyqvist.
Theophile Espinasse, who won the overall at the first day took a double victory in his junior E2 / E3 class. There he is in front of hie French countrymen Hugo Blanjoue and Jean-Baptist Nicolot.
In the junior-E1-class Matteo Pavoni won in front of Kristof Kouble. The joung Czech rider switched right now from motocross to enduro an became the best Czech result this weekend.
KTM-rider Calle Johansson took the victory in front of the 17 years old Daniel Mundell from England. But Mundel won the first day and took the lead in the championship in front of the Suede Johansson.
The second of the four competitions for the Enduro European Championship takes place on the 8th / July in Paikuse / Estonia

Start in new enduro-season
On 29th of April 2017 the European Enduro-Championship starts in Gouveia / Portugal in the new season.
On the demanding track, between rocks and stones an a lot of dust, the french junior-rider Theophile Espinasse took the first victory on the first day. The Sherco-rider won all the first five tests and coul go save on the last one...

– still finishing 25.6 seconds in front of the Italien Oscar Balletti.

This one had the benefit from the technical problems of Anthony Geslin – the French was second until he was one minute late at the timecheck, after his mechanics could not solve the problem in time. This for the Beta-rider drops down to 14th position.

Natually the junior Espinasse won his junior-E2/E3-class as well, more than half a minute in front of his fellow countrymen David Abgrail and Hugo Balanjoue.
In the junior-class E1 with the small bikes an other french rider took the first place: Jeremy Miroir won  ahed the Italien Matteo Rossi and the Czech Kristof Kouble.
At the youngest juniors – at the age under 20 years – the Brit Daniel Mundell won the day in front of Italien Claudio Spanu und Neels Theric from France.

Reigning Senior-E1-champion Guido Conforti did ride only for 5th position of the day. The Swede Andreas Linusson with his KTM took the first position in front of Edgars Silins from Latvia and Daan Bruijsten from the Netherlands.

Marco Neubert, the reigning Senior-E2-champion took the lead until he crashed in the 5th test, where he lost nearly 30 seconds. So KTM-rider Nicolas Pellegrinelli took the victory in front of the Brit Jamie Lewis. Pellegrinelle ist the reigning junior-champion, but now to old, so he has to start in the seniors-classes.

Reigning Senior-E3-champion Maurizio Micheluz was beaten bei his countryman Oscar Balletti. Early day leader Geslin dropped down to third position because of his penalty.

After a long time without racing, the german Arne Domeyer won the day at the veterans: Reigning champion Sebastian Krywolt from Poland took third position behind Juha Puotsaari from Finland.

In the women-class Yamaha-rider Jessica Gardiner took the days win in front of Hanna Berzelius from Sweden an Marita Nyqvist from Finland.

The day bevore the competition the FIM Europe-Kommission and the FIM Europe-Vice-President Michal Sikora had invited all Federations and Teams to discuss the future of the European-Championship.
Now access to Lifetiming!
This weekend, 29th  and 30th of april, the European-Enduro-Championship 2017 starts in Goueiva/Portugal.
You will get results, story and pictures here.
New season for new champions
The new season of the 2017th Enduro-European-Championship starts in two weeks, at 29th/30th of April in Portugal. In Gouveia a challenging area is waiting for the riders, right to the border of the national parc “da Serra da Estrela”.
The local motoclub is busy in preparing everything: both specials, the cross-test and the enduro-test are within walking distance to the paddock. Around on the track there are some more spectacular places.
The start of the three rounds, each 55 km, will be at 9:00 am, the arrival expected at 3:00 pm.
The best conditions for a sporty start into the new season!

While the reigning champion Brad Freeman, who become a factory rider for Beta in the world-championship, is not taking part, we surely will have a new overall-champion at the end.
Last season’s second, the Czech Jaromir Romancik, is the new favorite: He lost the titel in the E2-class in the very last competition for an unlucky and painfull crash. But he started well this year, already in the international motocross-championship “MX-Masters” in Germany, to prepare for the enduro.
The reigning champion in his class, the KTM-rider Marco Neubert, is injured: The German has twisted his knee during training and demolished his ligaments.
Nevertheless, he had already competed in the first races in the German championship.
Also injured is the junior champion Patrick Markvart, who broke his leg in a competition.
Not starting also the women-champion Jane Daniels – so we have to find a new champion anyway.

This is the first of four competitions in the fight for the crown of European-Enduro.
The next round will be held in Estonia, where in Paikuse the European-Championship already took place in 2012.
After this the Riders have to travel down into the middle of Germany and at least to the Gelnica in the east of Slovakia an the tracks of the former Sixdays.

The official forms for portugal are online

- Update - now also the provisional entrylist - Update -

The new 2017 Calendar for all European Championships is online

The Calendar has been published on FIM Europe website at the following link:

The changed official calendar European Enduro-Championship 2017

The FIM Europe Mamagement Council had to change the dates.  So here are the new dates of the European Enduro Championship 2017:

The event in Portugal changed to the 29/30th April and the three-day-final in Slovakia switched and will be held from 13th to 15th of October in Slovakia.
All the competitions will come from Portugal in the April over Estonia in July and Germany in August to the three-day-final in Slovakia in October.
Although many more nations asked for a competition, the championship will stay with four rounds, to make it possible for most of the riders.


29th /30th of April                                  Gouveia / Portugal

8th/ 9th of July                                    Paikuse / Estonia

5th/6th of August                                              Burg / Germany to 15th of October Gelnica / Slovakia

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